• Students using the Reformer Machines in a Reformer Pilates Class

With a studio set in the heart of Brentwood, we run Reformer Pilates exercise classes using state-of-the-art Reformer MachinesBarre (Ballet) and Matwork Pilates classes. If you are looking to improve core strength and get long leaned and toned muscles, then you have come to the right place.



If you have never done a Reformer Pilates class before our machines can look a little intimidating – please don’t be, our classes are fun and friendly! A Pilates Reformer Machine will zip you up using muscles you never knew you had whilst giving you a fabulous whole body workout.  Focusing on your core, a Reformer Pilates class will help stabilise your spine, enhance your muscles, improve your posture, work your arms and tone up those areas that we often don’t like very much  – legs, bums and tums. For more benefits go HERE.

Are you a complete beginner? Ideally, if you can, attend the Essentials beginners, or mixed ability classes. Click CLASS TYPES to learn about the session and others. 



Here at the studio, we pride ourselves on having the very best Reformer Pilates trainers on our team with years of teaching experience. We understand that as well as achieving results, exercise needs to feel fun and rewarding. With every class we run, our goal is to make you feel energised, stronger and that you had fun. We feel that we have got the balance just right, which is what keeps our clients coming back regularly and seeing the results they wanted.

 WORKOUT at HOME with CONTOUR.Keep toning, and challenging that body even when you are away from the studio – HERE. Or, check into our videos every Monday on our CONTOURERS Facebook page(email Amy -amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk to join).



Here is a short introduction by Rona, one of our very experienced instructors. You can see how versatile it is. How it might work your whole body. Meaning you will have longer, leaner, and more toned muscles in 55 minutes.


At the studio, sculpt lean and toned muscles with our energising barre classes put together to challenge and change your body shape and improve flexibility. Designed to perfectly complement our Reformer Pilates classes, our Barre Pilates make a great addition to our timetable, and even better news, no dance experience or tutus required! If interested click HERE for more information or email amy@reformerpilatesbrentwood.co.uk. To BOOK


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