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Returning to exercise after having a baby can be a daunting prospect. Even for those who can’t wait to get out there, it can still be a difficult thing to achieve. Your body has been through so much, it often feels like it doesn’t belong to you anymore and the idea of getting it to do anything other than sleep can be tough!

After giving birth nine weeks ago to my second son, Angus, I find myself ready to begin my journey back into exercise. For the last two weeks I have been gradually increasing the amount of walking I am doing which is helping to build some strength back. But it’s time now to get back into the studio which I’m really excited about and I wanted to share my journey with you, to help and encourage anyone returning to exercise after a break.

I’ll be sharing tips for postpartum exercising, the best Pilates routines to get your body back, and other little tips and pointers on how to keep healthy and help your body recover and regain its strength. As you start exercising again you’ll start to get stronger and move better and feel more like your old self!

Pilates is one of the best postpartum exercises you can do because every exercise focuses on strengthening either the abdominals, the pelvic floor muscles or the back, all three of which are affected by pregnancy and child birth.

Here are seven reasons why Pilates is a great choice for your postpartum exercise journey:

1. Slowly does it!

Pilates is something you can take completely at your own pace. If something doesn’t feel right, just stop and reduce the stretch or alternate to another one. At the studio our instructors are here to help, they’ll make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and at the right intensity for your body, wherever you are on your exercise journey.

2. Build Core Strength

After childbirth it’s really important to try and gradually build up your core strength again. Your core supports your back and helps strengthen your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, both of which have often been under intense strain during pregnancy and child birth. Building up core strength is one of the best ways to make your recovery easier.

3. Improve your Pelvic Floor Muscles

It’s one of those unfortunate side affects of giving birth, but it happens to the best of us! Pilates is an ideal way to help regain control of those pelvic floor muscles.

4. Love your body again

It’s sometimes hard to regain a sense of ownership of your body after childbirth. You may still be breast feeding, you may still not recognise parts of your body after all it’s been through. Pilates allows you time to focus on your amazing body, to listen and understand as you recover and to re-connect with yourself as you begin exercising again.

5. Feel Great

Pilates, as with any exercise, will help boost your mood through the release of endorphins- the happy hormones produced by your body as you exercise.

6. Feel Stronger

Pilates allows you to focus on strengthening your body. You’ll feel refreshed at the end of a workout and re-energised, rather than too exhausted to do all the things you need to do!

7. Social

We are a very friendly bunch down at Contour Pilates. Joining a class for a post baby workout can give you a chance to meet others in a similar situation. And you might even get a little smile from my son, Angus who often joins me in the mornings at the studio!

Come join me on my journey back to fitness! If you have any questions or would like to share your own stories please do comment below, I would love to hear from you. Or pop down to the studio and have a chat with me or one of our instructors about the best exercises for you post-baby, let’s do this together!


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