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We’ve plenty of men and women coming through our doors here at Contour Pilates in Essex who are in their 40’s, 50’s and even their 60’s. Pilates doesn’t discriminate against ability, gender, fitness levels, flexibility, stamina or age. Quite the contrary, it embraces and celebrates all of them, and we absolutely encourage everyone to relish in whatever decade of life they’re at and join us in a Reformer class. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that Pilates is a must for anyone in the throes of their own midlife crisis! It’s cheaper than a fast car, and the rewards are deeply more gratifying.

Attitudes towards ageing have shifted

Our attitudes have significantly changed towards ageing, due in part to the fact that we’re living for so much longer than ever before. The concept of “Wellness” is a positive and ever growing movement that’s even being embraced in the workforce. What it means to be middle-aged has been turned on its head. Amen to that!

Contour Pilates welcomes clients of all ages

Midlife is to be positively celebrated

While the idea of a midlife crisis might still exist, it’s no longer borne out of fear that we’re has-been’s, past our sell-by date and destined to spend our days knitting or playing lawn bowls! Far from it. Midlife is positively celebrated. The barriers to entry have been smashed. Just take a look at our uber fit intructors. A lady never gives away her age but all except one of our instructors is over 40 with a couple (almost) hitting 50! They’re highly trained and will absolutely encourage you while ensuring you get the technique just right. 

It’s all about the “fifty fitties”

Landmark birthdays now signal that our best years are still very much ahead of us. It’s not uncommon to see a 50-year-old in class out-planking someone in their 20’s. We happen to have some seriously “fifty fitties” at Contour who do themselves, the studio and our incredible instructors proud. We salute you. Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition and how satisfying must it feel to squash the stigma attached to midlife and instead show the world just how happy and healthy you really are?

You’re never too old to perfect the plank!

Welcome to the phenomenon of 9-enders

We love that Pilates can positively help with a wide range of menopausal symptoms for a start, not to mention improve strength, build muscle and ward off both the physical and also the mental effects of ageing. As they say, age is but a number. Talking of which, there’s a new phenomenon called the 9-enders. Apparently, as one decade finishes and another is about to start, we’re more inclined and motivated than ever before to take up a new fitness challenge. So if you’re hitting 39, 49, 59 and yes, even 69 this year, why not give Reformer Pilates a go?

According to a recent study in the journal Neurology, “very fit” middle-aged women are a staggering 88% less likely to suffer from dementia. Not only does exercise help keep off the pounds, strengthen the body against age-related issues like osteoporosis, but it also keeps the brain more active. 

Sadly, almost a third of all women in the UK are classified as being totally inactive. For many, that’s because they find the classic gym environment too intimidating or they’ve already written themselves off as being too fat and unfit to benefit from an exercise regime. That’s so sad and so wrong and something that we strongly advocate against at Contour Pilates. 

Our studio is for everybody and every BODY

We want to help you shift those misconceptions about exercise and midlife and slowly begin to pay more attention to the body you do have, working with it at a pace that suits you to build strength, flexibility, stamina and control.  So cast away that harsh inner dialogue that tells you that you’re too fat, unfit or old. They’re just excuses. Instead, visualise yourself doing a plank push up, and before you know it, that’s precisely what you’ll be doing in class. Now that’s the kind of midlife crisis we’re talking about.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, you’ll love the benefits of Pilates

The importance of resistance

You’ll notice we use lots of weights and resistance bands in our Reformer Pilates sessions. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just because our instructors are evil and love inflicting pain! It’s because lifting weights and introducing resistance work helps to maintain bone density which is essential as women hit the menopause and oestrogen levels dramatically drop. One of the very best things that a forty-something man or woman can do is take up Pilates. As we look at frailty full square in the face, being thin goes out of the window. Instead being strong is what it’s all about. Plus, Pilates is also excellent at helping to keep ageing bodies mobile.

Did somebody say midlife crisis? Thought not!

Prepare for a new lease of life

So if you are hurtling towards your own midlife crisis, or approaching a 9-ender this year and looking for something rewarding and challenging to get stuck into, why not give Pilates a go? We promise you’ll be in excellent company and who knows, you may discover not only a whole new lease of life but also muscles you never even knew you had! 

2020 isn’t just the start of a new year. It’s also a new decade. Isn’t it time you committed to finally putting yourself first for a change? Health is wealth, after all. If you focus on self-care and self-love, you can be a much stronger and more positive person for all those around you.

Forget all this new year, new you nonsense. 

We’re pretty sure you’re amazing, just the way you are! However, imagine just how much better you’d feel if your mood was improved, your posture aligned, your energy levels increased, your core strengthened, and your flexibility improved? 

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, all of that can be achieved and more besides by practising Pilates. So this year, instead of making a new year’s resolution that you won’t stick to beyond February, how about committing to making real, lasting, and significant changes? The kind of change that you don’t just see, you really feel.

Rumour has it that Adele’s fabulous new figure is down to a newly discovered love of Pilates

While the beautiful Margot Robbie is another big fan. She says Pilates is her exercise of choice because it works the whole body at once. Ideal if you are searching for something that’s multi-tasking. Holly Willoughby took up Pilates after the birth of her second child, and she’s in the shape of her life. Pilates isn’t just for A-list celebrities, though; it’s for everybody. Every shape, size, age, and level of ability. 

So why not take up Reformer Pilates?

Make a start today by checking out one of our state of art reformer studios right here in Essex and find out just what all the buzz is about. We promise you’ll be hooked, especially when you start to see and feel the benefits for yourself. Talking of which, we’re currently offering all new clients 6 classes for £66; the perfect introduction course. Click HERE to book.

Why Pilates Can Be Used to Reach a Variety of Exercise Goals.

The real beauty and benefit of Pilates is that it can be used to reach a wide variety of exercise goals. Pilates has long been the go-to-choice of exercise for celebrities and sports stars wanting to get into shape, firm, tone, and build endurance. Cardio alone can’t achieve all of these goals. You need to add in some resistance style training to maintain a youthful body. Pilates is ideal for that.  

It is also important to vary your workouts, in order to keep toning the whole muscle group and so you do not reach a plateau and give up. We have a number of different workouts on offer, and our machines are incredibly versatile, so you will constantly be trying different exercises in every single class. 

Group of fit people training at spinning class. Cardio workout. Indoor cycling.

While high-intensity exercises like HIIT, spinning, and boxing are great for kick-starting weight loss, they won’t necessarily change your overall shape. However, used in conjunction with reformer or mat Pilates, you can additionally improve posture and strengthen the core while sculpting all those smaller muscles that contribute to making you look so much more toned and tightened. We prove this by combining reformer pilates, with a HIIT, in our CARDIO POWER classes on Monday evening and Friday mornings. 

Whatever your exercise goals are for this year, Pilates can help.

Whether you want to…

  • train for a marathon
  • lift heavier weights at the gym
  • improve your swimming stamina
  • take up Crossfit
  • hone your tennis or golf swing
Pilates can help you reach more of your exercise goals

Reach your goals with Pilates.

Why? Because…

  • It’s an efficient full-body workout 
  • It develops muscle endurance
  • It strengthens the core and protects your back
  • It builds pain tolerance and stamina to other workouts
  • It works at a micro-muscle level
  • It requires complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit
  • It promotes better posture and form
  • It increases flexibility and mobility

For complete top to toe toning, Pilates is the way to go.

Are you a convert to Pilates? If so, wed love to hear from you. How has it benefited your body? Would you recommend it to others? Tell us in the comments section and share your experience with our members and readers. 


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