• For 2 years, and I was teaching ballet long before I started teaching Pilates


  • Strong focus on alignment, lengthening and control while keeping a nice flow throughout class


  • More classical style Pilates

Favourite exercise

  • Loves to get that bum burning. A very underused muscle group, the glutes, but the biggest muscle group in the body

Top tip

  • Take your time moving through the exercises, hitting your full range of motion and try not to rush through. A couple of good, well executed reps will give you more than 20 half performed ones. Quality over quantity rings very through for most exercises. Tune in with your body and feel the work happen.

Surprising fact

  • I found Pilates after getting injured in my dance training, I have never felt stronger than I do now due to the regular Pilates training.

Which studio?

  • LOUGHTON studio on Saturday mornings